Getting Brother MFC-7440N to work

We got a Brother MFC-7440N multifunction printer/scanner/copier, and so far it has worked very well. It is a black and white laser printer, with color scanner. It worked well under Ubuntu, so I expect that Linux Mint should not prove to be much of a problem.

Try the Linux Mint System Tools
The first thing I tried is using the main menu "Administration" -> "Printing". In the printer configuration dialog, choose "New". It scans for printers, and finds the Brother MFC-7440N on the network. The search for drivers does not turn up an exact match, but recommends the "MFC-7225N BR-Script3" driver. I try this, but no test page is printed... Bummer, it seemed promising at the beginning.

Download Drivers from Brother
Luckily, Brother provides Linux drivers for download. The main page to start from is:

Find and download the following files:

For the printer:

  • brmfc7440nlpr-2.0.2-1.i386.deb
  • cupswrapperMFC7440N-2.0.2-1.i386.deb

For the scanner:

  • brscan3-0.2.6-1.amd64.deb

Install Printer Drivers
Overall, Brother has done a good job with the provided Linux drivers, and the installation instructions are also quite good. They can be found at:

One thing missing from the instructions is that it is necessary to make a directory for the CUPS "model" file. The .deb package must be missing this step, so create it manually first, using a command such as:

sudo mkdir /usr/share/cups/model

Then, install the .deb packages for the printer, using the commands:

sudo dpkg -i --force-all brmfc7440nlpr-2.0.2-1.i386.deb
sudo dpkg -i --force-all cupswrapperMFC7440N-2.0.2-1.i386.deb
dpkg -l | grep Brother

The last command checks to make sure that the Brother drivers really did get installed correctly. The output of a successful install will look like:

ii brmfc7440nlpr 2.0.2-1 Brother MFC-7440N LPR driver
ii cupswrappermfc7440n 2.0.2-1 Brother MFC7440N CUPS wrapper driver

Next, use the CUPS web interface to configure the printer. In a web browser, go to:


There should be an entry for MFC-7440N. Click "Modify", and step through the dialogs. The more important settings are:

  • Device: "LPD/LPR Host or Printer" or "AppSocket/HP JetDirect"
  • Device URI: lpd://(Your printer's IP address)/binary_p1
  • Manufacturer: Brother
  • Model: Brother MFC-7440N for CUPS (en) [note that this shows up at the bottom of the list]
    • When it asks for a password, enter your login username and password. After the modification is successful, try to print a test page. Mine worked following the above steps. If yours didn't, take a break and then try again... Such is Linux some days.

      Install Scanner Drivers
      The installation of the scanner drivers is fairly similar to that of the printer drivers. First, install the .deb files:

      sudo dpkg -i --force-all brscan3-0.2.6-1.amd64.deb
      dpkg -l | grep Brother

      The last command checks if the scanner driver installed correctly. If it did, you will see something like:

      ii brscan3 0.2.6-1 Brother Scanner Driver

      Set up the scanner using brsaneconfig3, with a command such as:

      brsaneconfig3 -a name=Brother_Scanner model=MFC-7440N ip=xx.xx.xx.xx
      brsaneconfig3 -q | grep 7440N

      The last command should output something like:

      33 "MFC-7440N"
      0 Brother_Scanner "MFC-7440N" I:

      This indicates that the MFC-7440N is in the scanning list. To test the scanner, open Xsane, and try a test scan. Note: I tried the default application packaged with Linux Mint (under "Graphics" -> "Scanner utility"), but it didn't work. I did not bother messing around with it. Xsane installed easily and worked right away.